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This website works with user data, collected from millions of RTA games. It records the recent battles of the "top players" and saves every information about it. Once done, and after some data science magic, the website displays interesting information about both monsters and players, including win rates, best combos, counters and so much more.

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7 493 374 battles recorded
10 seasons recorded
184 100 players in base

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Played monsters

The personal monster page shows you every monster in your team that performs well, and those who you should avoid using. You will also find the monsters you struggle against, and see stats to discover their counters.

Best players and player details

See the history of the players you faced in the opponent page. Discover your history against them and stats related to your pick order.

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Every RTA you play

See the history of your ranked battles, from the day you create your account.

Personal monster analyse

Track the monsters you use in your battles, get to know who really works in your team

Personal counters analyse

Track the good and bad monsters against your team, improvise, adapt and overcome.

Opponent tracking

Find the details of every player you face, see stats on how you perform against each of them.

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